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Party Planner

Planning a party can be tough. How many bottles of wine should you get for 14 people? Should you get 1 or 2 cases of beer for 12 people? It’s a tough one to figure out. But you’re in luck because we’ve got the perfect planner for you to assure you’ve got enough beverages for your party

Specials and Deals

Every month the Spirits of Nisswa puts out an ad with up to 16 items on sale. Also, we offer discounts for people over 65 years old, veterans, and Crow Wing Power customers. To find out what other deals we offer click the learn more button below. 


Put in a Special Request

Do you have something you’ve been wanting to try -or- a bottle you would like us to stock for you? If you do – we’ll gladly special order it for you. We don’t add any extra fees or jack the price up. It would be a similar price that you’d find elsewhere. Click the button below to place a special order.

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Spirits of Nisswa

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